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Ages 2+

Forest Friends


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Learn how to take turns and play with others! Create two forest friend puppets that also double as game pieces for the Forest Friends board game!

Discover age-appropriate projects, designed specifically for your child's age & stage, along with DISCOVER, a bonus magazine with expert advice, content around developmental focus areas, and additional at home activities to continue the fun at home.

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Nov 2 2020

I really liked the tree with the memory games. My just-turned three year old wasn’t taken by them, but I think she might be more interested in a few more months. I personally thought this was a great idea for memory and vocabulary practice.

Sep 22 2020

I got this for my son who just turned two recently. He absolutely loves it. The books is adorable and the little tree and token holder are both very cute. My son loves playing with them and hiding and finding the little wooden tokens under the leaves on the tree. My only complaint is that the little stiff paper stands meant to hold up the little animal puppets do not stand up at all. It doesn't matter how you try to orient the figures on them or how you try to bend them to resist gravity, they just topple over. They don't even really stand when they are empty. The figures still make cute finger puppets and we've just used them that way instead. I wish the stands worked as intended, but the figures are still very cute and my son still likes them. That is the only thing I would adjust if I were remaking the box.

Mar 15 2020

My daughter loved the tree game and she is constantly hiding the coins and finding them!