Ages 5+
Ages 5+

Kiwi Crate Classics (5-Pack)

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What you get

There's something here for every budding scientist, artist, or innovator — from hands-on projects to amazing articles.

All 5 projects delivered together.

1. Pinball Machine
Design the board, launch, and play, all while discovering pinball game physics!
2. Arcade
Hit the arcade and build the claw and create a couple of cute pom pom prizes! Set up your own claw game and see if you can win the prizes. Learn about other arcade and then build your own version!
3. Disk Launchers
Build a launcher and explore physics by sending disks zooming across the room! Use the launcher to create and play a game with your new flying toys.
4. Kaleidoscope Play
Build a spinning kaleidoscope, mirror book, and a travel pouch for your mirror! Explore angles and patterns.
5. Marble Timer
Construct a marble-powered mechanism that helps keep time! Experiment with your timer and design new paths to help the marbles run faster, slower, and everything in between. Then time yourself while creating colorful dip-dye wood art.

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3 reviews

Aug 6 2020

Awesome projects!

Jul 24 2020

Amazing learning and activity

May 13 2020

C-8: They were full of fun scientific activities to do. E-6: These were fun to do and we learned some cool things. The kaleidoscope was the best one. Dad: We all had lots of fun doing these 5 crates as a weekly “science” afternoon - taking a break from the usual “remote learning” day. This pack had a great mix of projects for us to do.