Ages 5+
Ages 5+

Environmental Science Book Set


What you get

Explore ocean health and oil chemistry with our Environmental Science: Oil Cleanup crate and curated book, The Mess That We Made.

Project and book will be delivered together.

1. Environmental Science: Oil Cleanup
Dive into environmental science with this hands-on sensory eco-adventure! Learn how oil affects oceans and the critters that live in them, and explore different ways to clean up spilled oil — from scooping it up to trapping it in a floating boom. Step into the shoes of real-world wildlife rescuers and environmental engineers as you follow along with the story on each page of the included instruction booklet. Ready to learn what it takes — and what you can do — to save ocean life?

2. The Mess That We Made
Here’s a book that captures the real-world impact of trash and plastic in our oceans in a kid-friendly way. With rhythmic text, striking illustrations, and key facts about ocean health, it offers a clear reminder that when it comes to protecting our world, we are all responsible and capable of making a difference. Follow the seals, fish, turtles, and people affected by ocean pollution, and discover what it’ll take to unmake the mess that we made.

Author: Michelle Lord
ISBN: 978-1947277144
Publisher: Flashlight Press; First edition
Number of Pages: 32
Format: Hardcover Book