Ages 3+
Ages 3+

Sensory Dough


What you get

Discover the science of smell through this dough-lightful project! Stir together the flour-salt mixtures, scented oils, and colorful paints to create colorful, fragrant dough. Learn how to use ingredients from home to create more scent-sational doughs. (The possibilities are endless)! Then explore how your sense of smell helps keep you safe, helps you remember things, and of course, helps you enjoy a plate of cookies. Ready to learn why your knows nose best?

Warning: This product contains wheat.


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From the desk of the product designer:

Behind the design

Squishing & kneading this scented, colored dough gives young ones a chance to explore tactile and olfactory senses in a novel way.

By the numbers

Dough recipes tried: 11

Scents smelled: 6

Batches of dough made: 791837456



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Jan 6 2022

My 3 year old enjoyed putting everything into the bowl but it required too much stirring and he lost interest. The dough itself was hard for him to minupulate and even adding water as suggested didn't help much. I added a little water at a time and then it just became goo-like. I like the idea of incorporating smell in the dough though!

Oct 17 2021

Kids love these.

Sep 17 2021

This was such a fun crate, my kids love play doh, to make their own was a great surprise for them!

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