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Ages 3+

STEM Halloween Bundle (3-pack)

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Get into the Halloween spirit with this 3-pack of spook-tacular STEM projects! Build and decorate your very own pump-powered bubbling cauldron, mix together a witchy brew of citric acid and colored baking soda, then watch your cauldron bubble and boil in a creepy chemical reaction. Concoct a chemical concoction, pour it into a carved pumpkin from home, then sit back as the chemicals react and make your pumpkin “puke”! Then conduct a series of eerie experiments with the help of spooky static electricity. Raise paper ghosts from the grave, make a mini jack-o’lantern spark and flash, and send eyeballs rolling without touching them! Ready to get hands-on with Halloween science?Read more



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    My son is 4 and loved all three of these activities. We've had them for a couple weeks now and he still interacts and plays with them. We will be ordering the second Halloween bundle for him, as well, since he just can't get enough. :)

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