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Ages 5+
Ages 5+

STEM Holiday Bundle (3-Pack)

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Jan 14 2022

A lovely bundle to build, interesting for both boys and girls, value for money as a bundle.

Jan 10 2022

My 10-year-old daughter really enjoyed doing these three projects. We thought she'd like the Santa's sleigh project most, but she enjoyed the other two even more. She really liked decorating the Santa's workshop with color, which added a lot to the finished product. And we enjoyed making the Christmas candle carousel and loved learning about the history and science behind it. We even tried to experiment with it by taking it outside to make a greater difference in temperature, but a small wind made it difficult (still, it was a learning experience). All in all, this was a great collection of gifts for a 10-year-old!

Ali-song's image 1
Jan 5 2022

We LOVED the house. That was our favorite one. Our least favorite one was the santa sled. The reindeer and sled did not stick very well. I think the saddest part of us was the gears to move the reindeer up and down didn't work very well. The sled barely moved and if you tried to make it gears turn then the handle snapped right off. my son was devastated. Love the idea of it just wished it worked better and didnt break. They last stem on with the fan work great. easy build and worked. great

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