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Ages 5+
Ages 5+

STEM Holiday Bundle (3-Pack)


What you get

Learn all about engineering and mechanics with these three projects!

All three projects delivered together.

Santa’s Sleigh Automaton (Ages 5+):

Help Santa and his reindeer soar through the night sky by engineering a hand-cranked automaton. Learn all about rotary motion while designing a wintry scene. Add Santa and his sleigh and watch them ho ho go!

Santa’s Light-Up Workshop (Ages 9+):

Make a wooden workshop for Santa and his little elves with this light-up, buildable workshop. Customize it with colorful beads and pipecleaners to create a de-light-ful look of your own!

Christmas Candle Carousel (Ages 5+):

Harness the power of aerodynamics to build your very own spinning Christmas candle carousel. Learn how these candles heat up the air around them, causing it to rise in a gust of wind that spins the whole carousel around!



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Dec 9 2021

Bought for my 7 year old nephew, he absolutely loved it!!!

Grandma Mary
Dec 7 2021

My granddaughter loved it! Thanks for helping a far-away grandma bring some delight to the season.

Grandma Mary's image 1
Dec 2 2021

This was the perfect bundle! And the projects were very fun. My kiddo loves any Kiwi kit that lights up or has any type of automatic motion.