Ages 9+tinker camp label
Ages 9+

Tinker Crate Ultimate (8-Pack)

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What you get

All 8 projects delivered together.

1. Walking Robot
Build a walking robot and experiment with mechanical motion!
2. Paper Circuits
Learn how to make your own paper circuit lanterns and try your hand at circuit-building challenges.
3. Vortex Cannon
Shoot an air vortex across the room and experiment with fluid dynamics!
4. Color-Changing LED Crystal
Make a color-mixing LED crystal and explore the physics of color!
5. Friction Climbers
Make a sloth that climbs up a vine, build a gecko that shimmies up a string, and craft a spider that spools itself upward.
6. Bottle Rocket
Get ready to blast off into the air with your very own bottle rocket. Assemble your launcher, rocket, funnel, and launch mixture to experience some extremely fizzy fun.
7. Glowing Pendulum
Explore chaotic motion with a double pendulum and UV light!
8. Hydraulic Claw
Construct your own lifting claw and learn how hydraulic systems work.