How KiwiCo is Engineering Awesome for Kids (& Grownups)

Mar 14, 2022 / By Cailyn

For the last decade, KiwiCo has designed over 1,500 projects, inspiring the next generation of creators, scientists, artists, and makers by disrupting traditional playtime and spending 1000+ hours developing each crate. KiwiCo has got awesome down to a science—mastering the innovation, products, and most importantly, the science, so families can focus on having fun. Here are some of the exciting ways we’re engineering awesome just for you!

Brand new seriously-fun content for kids

The KiwiCo team loves taking on really big product design challenges! We’ve designed and prototyped a giant pumpkin launcher and engineered egg drops from a drone.

In our most recent STEAM adventure, we’re scaling a classic chemistry experiment to enormous proportions with the giant elephant toothpaste challenge! Just how big is this latest project? It's so BIG that we broke the official world record for BIGGEST elephant toothpaste fountain!

KiwiCo is also launching a new content series called “Inside the Innovation Factory” showcasing the processes that go into developing a crate with KiwiCo product designers including prototypes, challenges (and solutions).

Collaborations with awesome STEAM experts

KiwiCo teamed up with Us The Duo, an American folk-pop duo consisting of husband-and-wife Michael and Carissa Alvarado and their daughter, Xyla! The talented trio used musical projects from KiwiCo to create a song celebrating “Engineering Awesome”. Watch the video here! And shop musical KiwiCo projects here!

Our friends, The Slow Mo Guys, took inspiration from the KiwiCo Bubble Machine to create a bunch of really big bubbles! Gav put Dan in a Dan-sized bubble to film the crazy popping pattern of a bubble at over 2000 times slower than you can see with your eyeballs. Watch the video here!

KiwiCo is the Official STEAM-Based Learning Crate Partner of Paretta Autosport - the first woman-owned, woman-driven, and women-forward team in INDYCAR Series history! Both Paretta Autosport and KiwiCo have an aligned mission to provide the next generation of innovators with the skill and confidence to become creative problem solvers and critical thinkers, particularly with respect to girls and young women in STEAM careers.

The excitement doesn’t stop here! If you want an exclusive peek into our innovation factory to see what the team is tinkering on next, connect with us on Instagram @kiwico_inc. Come join the fun!

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