Introducing Three New Members of the Kiwi Crate Family

Sep 14, 2014 / By Lara

We are so excited to announce the launch of three new additions to the Kiwi Crate family!  These lines are all concepts we’ve been thinking about for a long time and extend our vision of supporting kids’ creativity, innovation and self-expression.  The new brands will nearly triple the age of young makers whom we serve from 4-8 years to 3-16+.

  • Tinker Crate ( – For kids 9-14+. Tinker Crate is designed to help kids explore a new STEM (science, technology, engineering, math)-based topic each month. In addition to all the materials needed to construct & experiment with a project, kids will also receive a Tinker ‘Zine, chock-full of at-home experiments and amazing science stories to extend the learning opportunities.
  • Doodle Crate ( For girls 9-16+. Each monthly Doodle Crate brings fun materials and interesting techniques to young makers. Our detailed instructions- including video! – will help Doodle Crate girls learn a new crafting technique each month, and the ample materials and inspiration included will allow them to explore their self-expression however they choose.
  • Koala Crate ( – For kids ages 3-4. Created in partnership with Highlights for Children, Koala Crate delivers all the materials and inspiration for 2-3 enriching projects to explore with your preschooler. Each month’s crate also includes a 16-page Imagine! magazine for kids, plus a parent guide full of ideas for extending the play and learning with other at-home activities.

And of course, we are still delivering a fresh new crate every month to our Kiwi Crate subscribers!  As you may already know, Kiwi Crate delivers award-winning hands-on projects and activities designed to spark your child’s curiosity and creativity, for kids ages 4-8.

With the launch of these brands, we now have a solution for every child in your life – from preschool to elementary to grade school, and beyond.  We’re looking forward to continuing to create with you!

Kiwi Crate is a commerce and content platform centered on creativity.  We deliver fresh hands-on projects and quality content to young makers.  Check out all of our brands here.