KS2 Science Experiments & Art Ideas

Science Experiments for 7 to 11 Year Olds (KS2)

These quick and easy science experiments are perfect for young scientists from ages 7 to 11! From buoyancy to chemical reactions, every experiment teaches a key concept and sparks spark curiosity about the world around us. Keep your kids’ brains busy and inspire innovation, whether you’re in the classroom or at home!

Thermal Powered Flower

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How Shadows are Formed: The Science of Shadows

February 2nd is Groundhog Day! Groundhogs (also called woodchucks) are a member of the squirrel family (they are not hogs at all!)  As the tradition goes, if a groundhog emerges from its burrow and sees its shadow, spring is still 6 weeks off;  if the groundhog doesn’t see his shadow, it means warmer weather is on its way.

Have you ever wondered what causes shadows? Or how a shadow might change shape depending on the time of day or time of year? Look around you now;  If you are in a lighted space, chances are you will see a shadow because shadows are all around us.

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KS1 Science Experiments & Art Ideas

Science Experiments for Year 1 and Year 2 (KS1 or Elementary School)

These quick and easy science experiments are perfect for young scientists from ages 5 to 7! From buoyancy to chemical reactions, every experiment teaches a key concept and sparks spark curiosity about the world around us. Keep your kids’ brains busy and inspire innovation, whether you’re in the classroom or at home!

Super Hero Buoyancy Experiments

Explore why some things float and some items sink using this fun superhero challenge. 

Learn more: Super Hero Buoyancy Experiments

Egg in Vinegar Experiment

Submerge eggs in vinegar to make a bouncy egg. 

Learn more: Egg in Vinegar Experiment

Baking Soda Powered Boat

Fizz, fizz, zoom! This baking soda experiment boat is easy to build and fun to race. If you’ve ever dropped a fizzy tablet into a cup of water or made a baking soda volcano, you’ve made the same chemical reaction used here. But this time, we’re using that reaction to power a soda bottle boat!

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Milk Swirl Experiment

This simple experiment uses milk and food coloring to produce an explosion of colors! 

Learn more: Milk Swirl Experiment

Underwater Fireworks

Create your own underwater firework spectacular and learn about density. 

Learn more: Underwater Fireworks

Gummy Bear Science Project

It is time for these little bears to grow up…and out with this gummy bear science project! Watch as gummy bears grow and shrink in different liquids in this kid-friendly experiment. 

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Electric Jellyfish

Blow up a balloon and rub it against your hair to create static. Then, float the balloon over a DIY jellyfish’s tentacles and watch them move with the balloon! Experiment with different lightweight papers, and see what happens!

Learn more: Electric Jellyfish

Apple Experiment

Fall is coming, which means apple season is right around the corner. We love eating apple slices as a healthy snack. Try out this apple experiment with some basic kitchen goods to see how you can keep your slices from browning!

Learn more: Apple Experiment

Easy Slime

All you need is starch and glue to make this simple squishy slime.

Learn more:Easy Slime

Unpoppable Bubbles

Use this recipe to make unpoppable bubbles! All it takes is a few common ingredients, and a bit of hands-on science.

Learn more: Unpoppable Bubbles

Magnetic Cereal

Pull a couple of cereal boxes from the shelf and test their iron content with this simple experiment. It’s fun to see your breakfast whiz across the surface of milk using a magnet.

Learn more: Magnetic Cereal

Art Ideas for KS1

Ready to stimulate your child’s creativity? Time for hands-on fun with these art ideas for KS1 kids! From melted crayons to ice sculptures, kids will love these interesting, textured projects. As a great bonus, they’ll get to explore new techniques and make some practical decorations!

Leaf Paint Brushes

Create nature-inspired paint brushes while learning about all kinds of leaves. 

Learn more: Leaf Paint Brushes

Kid-Friendly Macrame Wall Hanging

Macrame wall hangings are popular crafts and home decor, but learning all those knots can be complicated. Start with this easy macrame project that’s perfect for kids!

Learn More: Kid-Friendly Macrame Wall Hanging

Melted Crayon Art

Melt crayons into a work of art! 

Learn more: Melted Crayon Art 

Moon Craters

Make your own moon surface with flour and oil and then drop meteorites (small rocks and pebbles) from varying heights to create your own craters!

Learn more: Moon Craters

Painted Rocks

For a backyard craft, transform simple rocks into bugs and other animals.

Learn more: Paint Rocks

Painting Ice Sculptures

In this science experiment, kids will be amazed by the beautiful way that salt melts ice into awesome patterns!

Learn more: Painting Ice Sculptures

Pulled String Paintings

This kind of art making technique is called process art. It’s a non-traditional method that focuses on the process of making instead of following a predetermined composition or plan. Give it a try, and create something beautifully unique!

Learn more: Pulled String Paintings

Window Greenhouse

Place seeds in a bag with a wet paper towel and watch the seeds sprout and grow .  

Learn more: Window Greenhouse

STEAM Subscriptions for Monthly Enrichment

Kiwi Crate

Age-appropriate projects for 5 to 8 year olds that build your child’s creative confidence.

Atlas Crate

These globally inspired projects and activities explore world cultures and teach new STEAM concepts.

Science Activities for Preschoolers | 12 Fun Projects

Science Activities for Preschoolers:  12 Projects

No one is too young to experiment with science! Hands-on science activities let preschoolers marvel at the magic of the world around them. They may not learn the precise STEM concepts behind the activities, but they’re still practicing skills that will be a foundation for later learning. All the science activities for preschoolers listed below have fast results to keep kids engaged and spark curiosity. Start every project with a hypothesis and give your child the opportunity to guess about how the world works. The most important part of all these projects is having fun, so let little hands get messy and discover something new!

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Winter 2020 Reading List for Kids

Cold days and winter weekends are perfect for curling up and reading a good book! Reading helps develop good communication skills and the IMAGINATIONS of young minds! Plus, when children feel confident in their ability to read, they can start to take the initiative when it comes to learning new things. That’s why we offer upgrades to Deluxe on our subscription lines. When you upgrade your KiwiCo subscription to Deluxe, we include a unique book to extend the fun and learning of each month’s crate! Our Deluxe team reviews hundreds of books each season to select our favorites. Since our crates are designed to spark curiosity, innovation, and learning, we chose books that do the same. 

Below is a list of our winter 2020 Deluxe Book selects. We’ve organized the list by age group but some of the ages overlap. Each book includes STEM and STEAM learning and ALL of them are seriously FUN!

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7 Creative Uses for Leftover Wrapping Paper

Leftover Wrapping Paper Header

The holiday season is a time of generosity, family and gift-giving. Unfortunately, it’s also a time of waste: In the United States, people throw away 25% more trash during the winter holidays than any other time of year, resulting in millions of tons of garbage. One of the worst culprits is wrapping paper because most wrapping paper isn’t made from recycled materials and can’t be recycled. Every year, 4 million tons of leftover wrapping paper and shopping bags will end up in a landfill.

Here at KiwiCo, we are always looking for innovative ways to repurpose materials. Upcycling is eco-friendly and an opportunity for curiosity and creativity. Even if you plan to re-wrap your gifts using the same paper next year, here are some creative projects to use your wrapping paper scraps and cardboard tubes.

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5 Creative Hanukkah Traditions for Kids

Hanukkah is the Jewish Festival of Lights. During Hanukkah, on each of the eight nights, a candle is lit in a special menorah (candelabra). In addition to lighting the menorah, the holiday includes many awesome traditions from spinning the dreidel to cooking (and eating!) delicious food, and gift-giving. It’s a great time to gather with friends and family to share, craft, and create. Here are five creative ways to celebrate the holiday:

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9 Last-Minute Christmas Ornaments

Even in the middle of the holiday rush, there’s still time to hang a handmade ornament or two on the tree! Try these fun, last-minute projects to get one more seasonal craft in before Christmas. Most of these projects were submitted by our awesome community. They’re all designed to bring joy to both parents and kids, with a practical result!

Borax DIY Ornaments

Borax Ornament DIY Completed
These sparkly Borax Ornaments are courtesy of Stephanie S

We love crystal ornaments, and these double as a science project! You don’t even need to wait for weeks to see these crystals form. Using borax instead of salt or sugar will give you awesome, unique ornaments overnight!

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Awesome New Year’s Traditions From Around the World

As a kid, I remember being allowed to stay up on New Year’s Eve until the clock struck midnight. Then (after giving everyone a celebratory hug) we’d go outside to bang pots and pans. At the time, I didn’t realize that all that pot-banging began as a way to ward off bad spirits. My aunt begins each year by stepping forward on her right foot–to literally start her year off right! On New Year’s Day, our neighbors invite the whole neighborhood over for a pot of Hoppin’ John (black-eyed pea stew) that is said to bring good luck.

These are just a few popular American New Year’s traditions but there are many other customs in the U.S. and around the world. Does your family have a special way to ring in the new year?

All over the world, people celebrate the new year with different traditions. Here are a few awesome examples from around the globe: 

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Candy Cane STEM Experiments | 4 Fun Activities for Kids

Candy Cane STEM Experiments

The holidays are fast approaching, bringing candy canes as ubiquitous decorations and treats. Grab a handful and set young scientists on the path of discovery with these kitchen experiments!

  • Start off by learning how candy canes are made, how different components combine to make something new.
  • Dissolving Candy Canes: hypothesize about what will happen in different liquids.
  • Candy Cane Ornaments: How does heat changes matter?
  • Candy Cane Knots: What makes candy bend vs. break?
  • Candy Cane Construction: use candy canes to solve engineering challenges.
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