Footprint Ghosts

There is something magical about Halloween. I love the creativity that goes into making costumes, the colorful orange pumpkins, and the limitless craft possibilities. As soon as the weather grows colder and the leaves start changing colors, my family jumps into the Halloween season. First up on our to-do list was this playful art project inspired by my three-year-old son's simple (and absolutely adorable) footprint. Since I knew that this project had the potential to get a little messy, I loaded up our supplies and headed out to the back porch.

  1. Ages: 12 - 17

  2. <30 minutes

  3. Messy

  4. Grownup needed


Materials you'll need

Step-by-step tutorial

  • Step 1

    My son's feet are pretty ticklish so his smiles began the moment my wet paintbrush touched his first toe. Stroke-by-stroke (and giggle-by-giggle) I covered his entire foot in white paint.

    Photo reference of how to complete step 1

  • Step 2

    Then, with an excited grin on his face, he carefully pressed his foot down on one side of the blue construction paper to form the body of the ghost. Print complete, I immediately wiped off the leftover paint from his foot. (After all, there's no need to risk a bigger mess than necessary.)

    Photo reference of how to complete step 2

  • Step 3

    My son then dipped his finger in a puddle of black paint three times--twice to make eyes and once for a mouth. This was by far his favorite step of the project because he could finally see his ghost come to life.

    Photo reference of how to complete step 3

  • Step 4

    Since my son is only three, I cut out the moon, pumpkin, and fence on my own. For older children, however, this would be a great chance to work on paper cutting. Use a pencil to draw outlines of the shapes and ask your children to cut along your lines.

    Photo reference of how to complete step 4

  • Done!

    Finally, my son used a glue stick to attach the cut-outs to our picture. It took us a few tries to make sure that all of the edges were coated enough but we eventually succeeded. We took a step back and proudly admired our adorable creation. It was the perfect start to our Halloween season!

    Photo reference of how to complete step 5

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