Hearts and Crafts: 5 Valentine's Day Activities for Toddlers

Toddlers may not know who Cupid is or have a crush to send a valentine (aside from mom), but Valentine's Day can still be a ton of fun for them! It's a great opportunity to practice healthy emotional expression and encourage their creativity through arts, crafts, and games. Want to help your toddler feel the love? This list of our favorite toddler-friendly activities for Valentine's Day includes DIY valentine's day cards, hands-on art projects, and a valentine-themed number matching game. We hope it's all the inspiration you need to make this Valentine's Day special for you and your little valentine!

  • Visual aid of how to complete Pom Pom Hearts
    Pom Pom Hearts

    (Ages 1-3)

    Toddler's may not be able to write a heartfelt message on their valentines just yet, but that shouldn't stop them from getting in on the Valentine's Day fun! Help your toddler cut a heart from a red sheet of construction paper, then ask them to cover the card in fuzzy red, white and pink pom-poms. Help with the gluing as needed, and soon they'll have the perfect handmade card to share with their lucky valentine!

  • Visual aid of how to complete Heart Crowns
    Heart Crowns

    (Ages 1-4)

    Crown your toddler the king or queen of Valentine's Day! These paper crowns couldn't be simpler to craft, and your toddler can have a lot of fun decorating the crown and heart cut-outs with crayons, markers, or dot paints.

  • Visual aid of how to complete Cookie Cutter Heart Prints

    Looking for a fun, toddler-friendly Valentine's Day art project? All you need's a handful of heart-shaped cookie cutters, construction paper, and a bottle or two of washable red and pink paints. The best part? You're encouraging their creativity and giving their fine motor skills a workout!

  • Visual aid of how to complete Torn Paper Hearts

    If you have construction paper, scissors, and glue, you have everything you need for this simple Valentine's Day craft. Your toddler may need some help cutting a heart to use as the base, but they're sure to enjoy tearing the scraps of paper and placing them in the collage. Use the collaged hearts as holiday decorations, or give them to family as a heartfelt valentine from their favorite toddler!

  • Visual aid of how to complete Valentine Number Matching Game

    Do you have leftover Valentine's Day cards? Pretend your toddler's a little mailman, and have fun "delivering" the numbered cards to the matching envelopes placed around the house.

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