Water Whistle

My kids have recently taken on a new project - learning to whistle! While they quite haven't mastered the art of whistling yet, I thought it would be neat to introduce them to whistling with just a straw and a cup of water! We made this simple water whistle, and they've loved tooting along to their favorite songs.

  1. Ages: 3 - 16

  2. <30 minutes

  3. A little messy


Step-by-step tutorial

  • Step 1

    Use scissors to make angled cuts on a straw. 

    Photo reference of how to complete step 1

  • Tip

    Make sure the straw is still intact and that you're not cutting all the way through the straw.

  • Photo reference of how to complete step 3


    Optional: To secure the straw, cut a piece of cardboard into a right triangle. Match the right angle to where the straw folds and tape the cardboard onto the straw. Make sure the tape doesn't cover the open slit on the straw!

  • Done!

    We worked with different-sized straws to test out unique whistle sounds. What sounds can you make with your whistle?

    Photo reference of how to complete step 2

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