Playing with Hydraulics

Make colors disappear and build a worm that wiggles with hydraulic power!

Fun Facts

  • Did you know? The biggest hydraulic digger in the world has a bucket that can hold up to about 85 cubic yards (65 m3) of stuff at a time. That’s like 400 bathtubs’ worth!
  • When you bake at home, you use cookie cutters to shape one batch of dough at a time. But big bakeries have to make many, many batches! Hydraulic cutters help them shape lots of dough at once into bread, scones, and other tasty treats.
  • To help them study coral reefs and other ocean environments, scientists have invented a robot jellyfish that gets around with hydraulics. The robo-jelly has two tiny hydraulic pumps inside that let it swim and steer around with ease.
When it comes to filling a bakery with treats, hydraulics help save dough much time!
photo by Yeh Xintong via Unsplash