Ages 6+
Ages 6+

Professions Starter Kit (2-Pack)

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What you get

Discover two of the coolest careers around with this crate bundle packed with hands-on learning! Explore the important work that vets do by tinkering with a set of vet tools, playing a “find the fracture” game, and exploring animal anatomy. Then blast off into STEM learning by building a pair of pump-powered orbiter spaceships, painting and constructing a spinning solar system, and learning all about the life of an astronaut!

1. Astronaut Starter Kit
Build and launch a pair of model orbiter spaceships using the power of pumps.
Individual price: $24.95

2. Veterinarian Starter Kit
Check up on a favorite stuffed animal with a stethoscope, syringe, and other handy vet tools.
Individual price: $29.95

Both projects are delivered together.

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My daughter, who is 7, has said she wanted to be a veterinarian for years. This was a fun way for her to learn what the profession entails.