Homemade Mother's Day Gifts and Activities

Make this Mother’s Day extra special with homemade gifts and activities. This year, especially, we encourage you to give your mom an extra dose of appreciation! Here is a list of homemade DIYs, activities, and recipes that are perfect for doing just that! We are so grateful to all of the mothers, step-mothers, grandmothers, and women everywhere who guide, teach, nurture, and empower us everyday!

  1. Awesome DIY Gifts for Mom

    • Visual aid of how to complete Growing Flowers Pop Up Card

      Want to “wow” mom this mother’s day? Give this quick and fun pop-up card project a go! Cut out the petals for your flowers and decorate your card using materials you may already have! Once you get all your shapes cut out, you'll see how fun and easy it is to make your pop-up card extra special!

    • Visual aid of how to complete Flower Wreaths
      Flower Wreaths

      (Ages 3-16)

      Thankfully, we've been getting a lot of rain in our area, so our garden has been in full bloom this spring. I decided to take advantage of the lushness to create flower wreaths -- just in time for Mother's Day! This project would work just as well with fake or store-bought flowers and greens.

    • Visual aid of how to complete Relief Art: Spring Flower Bouquet

      Relief art is one of our favorites. Combine that with springtime flowers? Well, you can't get much better than that!

    • Visual aid of how to complete Bath Bombs
      Bath Bombs

      (Ages 9-16)

      Splish splash let's add a little science to the bath. These homemade bath bombs are the perfect present for mom on Mother's Day or any day of the year, and include a science lesson. I know my mom will appreciate these fizzy, DIY gifts when she relaxes in a nice warm bath. Plus, I added a personal touch by making them blue, her favorite color. 

    • Visual aid of how to complete Daisy Print Canvas Shopping Bag

      I love using things from nature to stamp with! A few picked daisies paired up with some paint and a canvas bag make the perfect gift for Mother's Day.

    • Visual aid of how to complete Celery Stamped Napkins

      This year, get ready for Mother's Day brunch by making personalized napkins. You can create your very own stamped napkins with a stalk of celery! The end result is a one-of-a-kind Mother's Day gift. You can also try out different vegetable patterns such as bell peppers, okras, or lotus roots.

  2. Activities To Do Together

    • You don’t need a backyard to plant a garden together. Start by planting herbs in pots to place on a sunny windowsill.

    • Visual aid of how to complete Art Scrapbook

      We love to display artwork in our home, but what to do with our favorites when we're ready to put them away? Make a book for them, of course!

    • Host a family tea party! Set the table with mismatched dishes, assemble these Afternoon Tea Sandwiches and brew a pot of tea! To make it extra special, create homemade invitations.

  3. Recipes for Mother’s Day

    • Start mom off with a healthful green juice! Tear up some greens, add fruit, and blend!

    • All you need to make a good granola is a handful of ingredients. Mix up some oats, nuts, and seeds with sweetness and toast until golden brown. Serve over yogurt for a nutritious breakfast treat.

    • Visual aid of how to complete Animal Bread Rolls

      We always have rolls at brunch around our house, so I decided to mix it up and get creative with this table staple. I was surprised how easy it was to turn simple bread rolls into little balls of bread that looked like animals. I am sure you will have fun creating -- and snacking -- just like I did! My favorite was the little cat. What will yours be?

    • Visual aid of how to complete Rainbow Kebabs
      Rainbow Kebabs

      (Ages 3-16)

      Eat all the colors of the rainbow with this delicious and healthy snack! My girls and I picked out fruits to follow the colors of the rainbow, but you can use any variety of fruit your family likes best. This is definitely a new go-to snack for those carefree summer days.

    • This Mini Quiche recipe makes multiple varieties to keep the whole family happy!

  4. Seriously Fun Projects for Mom to Fuel HER Creativity

    • Have some clean fun together! Craft and customize two kinds of colorful, crystal-inspired soaps for mom.

    • Build two custom electronic art pieces with EL wire. Choose from five existing templates, or create your own from scratch.

    • Explore textile art with a project that packs a serious punch! It’s an easy (but time consuming) technique that is perfect for team effort!

    • Visual aid of how to complete Fun and Functional Furniture

      Light up a love for material science by building an adjustable articulated desk lamp. Fulfill your engineering desktiny by constructing an adjustable tilt-and-fold desk. Then build a pair of stereo headphones that turns electrical energy into stunning stereo sound!

Get inspired!