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Roller Coaster Physics: Ferris Wheel


Rainbow Ball Run


Froggie Lab Dissection


Moon Darts


Armadillo Bowling Set


Optical Illusion Tops


Pinball Machine


Splash Blasters


Air Hockey


Pop-up Felt Play Mat


Domino Machine


Hydraulic Claw


Robots and Coding


Cell Shape Sorter


Atom Bead Maze


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Hand-Selected Children's Books & Games

Great books and games spark learning.

Our KiwiCo Editorial team carefully chooses amazing books that teach through storytelling. These books help kids expand their independent reading skills while learning about STEM topics through nonfiction, biographies, non-fiction, and more. Each handpicked book inspires curiosity, creativity, and learning about the world.

Encourage hands-on learning through hands-on play! With engaging games, kids will build, make, and play all while immersing themselves in new and interesting subjects.