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Armadillo Bowling Set image

Armadillo Bowling Set


Solar Lantern image

Solar Lantern


Froggie Dissection Lab Book Bundle image

Froggie Dissection Lab Book Bundle

$30.95($37.95 value)

Wind Chimes image

Wind Chimes


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Veterinarian Starter Kit image

Veterinarian Starter Kit


Metamorphosing Butterfly Book Bundle image

Metamorphosing Butterfly Book Bundle

$38.20($44.94 value)

Steve Plushie image

Steve Plushie


Solar Lantern Book Bundle image

Solar Lantern Book Bundle

$35.95($42.90 value)

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Animal & Nature Kits for Kids

Introduce wildlife to your little one, and help them appreciate the beauty of nature. Embark on amazing adventures from home while learning about zoology, ecology, and more. Our nature kits for kids teach these concepts through fun, interactive play, and inspire kids to explore the world around them!